Day Dreaming - Video


Disappearing Tail Lights - Video



Doctor, Doctor (Masters In Line)                                                             
Dog River Blues - Video         
Don't Gimme That  

Don't You Wish - Video


Down On The Corner- Video

Down On Your Uppers               
Drinking With Dolly                           
Drinks For Two - Video    


Eldorado - Video    
Electric Slide - Video                                                                            
Electric Strut - Video  

Elvis, Marilyn And James Dean 

   - Video                             2018         

Everyone's The Same - Video   


Fais Do Do (Chandonnet) - Video


Fall In Love                          


Fill In The Blank - Video

Fireflies - Video                               

Fly High                              


Flobie Slide

Four Corners - Video                                                                  
Foxy Girl  
Full House - Video