Quater to Six  - Video  
Queen of Hearts               2019   


Rainy Night - Video                                                                                   
Rama Lama Ding Dong  - Video   
Ready To Roll - Video  
Red Hot Salsa - Video    

Rednex' Spirit - Video

Choreographie Crazy Liners Görzke



Rhyme Or Reason


Riding - Video

Rock Paper Scissors  
Rockland - Video   2019  
Rolling Away - Video       

Rose-A-Lee - Video

Rose Garden - Video    


Saturday Night


Saturday Night Stomp

Save Me Tonight                2018     

Shakin Mix -Video

Shania's Moment -Video                                                                         
She Comes To Me  
Side By Side - Video  
Silver Lining                           
Simple As                             2019  
Sleazy Slide - Video    
Smooth Operator - Video  
Snap Happy  
So Wake Me Up - Video            

Some Beach (Born/Lindley)


Some Town Somewhere       2018    


Something In The Water - Video

Speak To The Sky (Australien) - Video    

Start Easy - Video

Stay All Night                         

Sticks & Stones - Video


Stomp(ing) It Out - Video


Stop Me Now                           

Story                                     2019  
Strong Bounds - Video        

Sugar& Pai - Video

Sugar, Sugar - Video  

Summer Fly - Video

Swinging - Video  
Sweet Liza - Video  
Sweet Maureen     Paarvideo   
Sweet Sweet Smile (Two Step & Scott)